About Us

About Us


1996 – 2010: Through the personal commitment of one man since the foundation, Les Vins de Pierre Montagnac filled up the blank pages of one family inextricably linked to the world of the Fine Wines of Bordeaux. The family jewel was developed by extending product offering, built on solid reputation by entering numerous markets worldwide.

Since 2010 Thomas and Romain Montagnac run the company, with the aim of delivering the best of the Bordeaux terroir along with the most prestigious vineyards that France can offer.

1st April, 2015
a new wine distribution structure is born : PAQUET MONTAGNAC BOURGOGNE. This company founded in partnership with Les Vins de Pierre Montagnac, in order to to complete our wine portfolio with some brands like Mathieu Paquet, Vins des Chaponnières, but also a fine selection of wines from other burgundy estates. Mathieu Paquet leads the company.

January 2016: Les Vins de Pierre Montagnac become Maison Montagnac. A new name which echoes our values and ambitions. Deeply anchored in our region, sheltering a family and a team definitely attentive to our customers.

Our Wines

GRANDS CRUS CLASSES We deal with most of the famous estates of the Bordeaux classified wines, we can offer theses wines En Primeurs or ready for shipment. This long acquired reputation gives us the possibility to offer you the finest products of our unique region.

BORDEAUX CHATEAUX AND ESTATES To guarantee to our clients constant quality, we take great care in tasting and selecting each wine of our selection in order to meet with your requirements.  Our team is qualified to pick out the wines which will provide full satisfaction.

FRIENDS'  WINES We travel up and down the country to find exceptional wines with the objective of giving you the possibility to purchase via one and only provider. Be astounded by the discovery of wines with a unique story,, an authentique know how and real personality.

BRANDS With La Cour Pavillon red and white, Montagnac want to offer wines that reflects the quality of the Bordeaux terroir. La Cour Pavillon embodies perfectly the Bordeaux traditional style both with elegance and easy drinking.

EXLUSIVITIES Here are presented a selection of the finest pearls of the Bordeaux terroir in order to make you discover a rich and diversified vision of the appellation. For all of which, we are the exclusive distributor. Available in  flat wooden cases of 6 bottles (1 bottle per appellation – 6 in total), or cartons of 12 bottles from the same appellation.

Our Team