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Buying, storing, marketing & shipping

Maison Montagnac has long-standing allocations from many top chateaux. All the wines are meticulously tasted before being purchased and the prices carefully curated in order to guarantee you a range of consistent quality at the fairest rates.

Our inventory boasts 450,000 bottles, which are stored in the best possible conditions with our trustworthy logistics partner, located on the outskirts of Bordeaux.

Our distribution network is geographically balanced and encompasses nearly 650 active customers.
Overseas, its reach extends to 45 countries and it draws on proven experience with importers, both in top-ranking markets and niche markets, along with airline companies and other duty-free players.

Geographical distribution of our business
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North America
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The most dynamic export markets are the United States (where we have an on-site inventories in NYC); Caraïbes; Norway and Sweden; United Kingdom and Ireland; Swiss and Belgium; Hong-Kong, Singapore and mainland China; the United Arab Emirates.

Our more recent markets: Canada; Thailand and Vietnam; Japan and North Korea; East Europe; Brazil…

As the quality of customer service is of paramount importance to us, the wines are shipped with the utmost care. We are fully proficient in the specific customs regulations for each country, with integrated labelling management to ensure optimum speed of reaction.

In France, we distribute to restaurateurs and wine merchants, a clientele of private customers, as well as multiple grocers and online retailers.